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Juan-Manuel Sayol

Juanma is currently working as a Postdoc at Delft University of Technology. His research is part of a big project funded by the NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) and led by Dr. Katsman, which focuses on the integral study of the sinking of watermasses in the North Atlantic Ocean. This sinking, which mainly occurs near the boundaries, is thought to be associated with the lower limb of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). To better understand this connection, he analyzes a suite of high-resolution model simulations. Moreover, he is also interested in a broad range of air-sea interaction processes and in the impacts of climate change on coastal areas.

Juanma obtained his BSc (2010, University of Valencia -Spain), MSc (2013, University of the Balearic Islands -Spain) and PhD (2016, University of the Balearic Islands -Spain), all of them in Physics. His PhD dissertation, developed at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) under the advise of Dr. Alejandro Orfila, focused mainly on several dynamical processes that occur in the surface Mediterranean Sea. One output of his PhD was a 2D model dedicated to tracking oil spills and search and rescue tasks (Sayol et al, 2014). Now this model has been extended to 3D in order to follow watermasses in the Atlantic Ocean. Before coming to Delft, he spent one year working as a Postdoc (2017) in the group of Dr. Marta Marcos on the impact of sea level rise on vulnerable coastal sites. Besides, he has also enjoyed short-term research internships with Prof. Leo Oey, Dr. Gonzalo Simarro and Dr. Ananda Pascual.

Selected Publications

(2019) Haakman, K., Sayol, J.M., van der Boog, C.G. & Katsman, C.A. Statistical Characterization of the Observed Cold
Wake Induced by North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
. Under review in Remote Sensing.

(2019) Orejarena-Rondón, A.F., Sayol, J.M., Marcos, M., Otero, J.L., Restrepo, J.C., Hernández-Carrasco, I. & Orfila, A.Coastal impacts driven by sea-level rise in Cartagena de Indias, Accepted in Frontiers in Marine Science,

(2019) Sayol, J.M., Dijkstra, H.A. & Katsman, C.A. Seasonal and regional variations of sinking in the subpolar North Atlantic from a high-resolution ocean model, Ocean Science, 15, 1033–1053,

(2019) Toomey, T., Sayol, J.M., Marcos, M., Jorda, G. & Campins, J., A modeling-based assessment of the imprints of storms on wind waves in the western Mediterranean Sea. International Journal of Climatology, 39, 878-886.

(2018) Sayol, J.M. & Marcos, M., Assessing flood risk under sea level rise and extreme sea levels scenarios: application to the Ebro Delta (Spain). Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans, 123(2), 794-811.

(2016) Conti, D., Orfila, A., Mason, E., Sayol, J.M, Simarro, G. & Balle, S., An eddy tracking algorithm based on dynamical systems theory. Ocean Dynamics, 66(11), 1415-1427.

(2016) Sayol, J.M., Orfila, A. & Oey, L.-Y., Wind-induced energy-momentum distribution along the Ekman-Stokes layer: application to the western Mediterranean Sea climate Deep Sea Research: part I, 111(5), 34-49.

(2015) Orfila, A., Molcard, A., Sayol, J.M., Marmain, J., Bellomo, L., Quentin, C. & Barbain, Y. Empirical forecasting of HF-radar velocity using genetic algorithms IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 53, 2875-2886.

(2014) Sayol, J.M., Orfila, A., Simarro, G., Conti, D., Renault, L. & Molcard, A. A Lagrangian model for tracking surface spills and SaR operations in the ocean. Environmental Modeling & Software, 52(2), 74-82.

(2013) Sayol, J.M., Orfila, A., Simarro, G., Lopez, C.,  Renault, L., Galan, A. & Conti, D. Sea surface transport in the western Mediterranean Sea: a Lagrangian perspective Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans, 118(12), 6371-6884.

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